Welcome to LOOSED TO H-E-A-R (LTH)


LOOSED TO H-E-A-R Ministries, INC is dedicated to caring for at risk youth, and empowering them for positive development in their lives, families and communities.  We serve youth and families through a variety of counseling and prevention services.  Our goal is to help each person overcome challenges that foster negative and debilitating behavior patterns.  We believe all children deserve to be safe and healthy, as well as experience an environment conducive to positive creativity and learning.  We are committed to providing the community-based support they need to overcome challenges and succeed.  The premise of this organization is to empower youth who may otherwise "fall through the cracks," and provide skills and leadership qualities to guide them to a place of wholeness whereas they contribute positive benefits to their community.

We are established to:

Assist in the improvement/ development of decision-making and self-discipline.

Provide social skills training that enhance favorable outcomes.

Teach the value of giving back to the community.

Foster academic success through tutoring.

Provide self-help skills that enhance individual self-esteem and career development skills.

Provide health education & counseling to address issues such as STD(s), teenage pregnancy, improper diet, and addiction.

Provide a safe place where the whole child can be nurtured and grow spiritually, emotionally, academically, & socially to gain the confidence that is necessary to become an empowered member of society.

Ensure that every child that comes into the center is Healed & Delivered, Empowered, Anchored & Restored back to God, their family and Community.